A plan sequence by Robin Ceccarini about the exhibition @ Leonhard’s Gallery Antwerp, Belgium. November 2021

My meeting with Belgian painter Augusin Sagehomme and model Véronique June 2021


Making of with Brazilian artist Patricia Sartori

Solo Show @Leonhard’s Gallery December 2019

A Projection filmed and edited by Robin Ceccarini with images taken from previous meetings.

French Artist Brigitte Nataf during the Hegoa Gallery Residency in Vendôme. October 2018.

Hegoa Gallery Residency with Belgian artist Ariane Arigraphicart for the Painters Project in October 2018

Hegoa Gallery Residency with French Artist Nutsy for the Painters Project.

October 2018, somewhere near Vendôme, France, Nutsy and model Iman. MakeUp &Hair by Giusi Ferrato.

Filmed and edited by Robin Ceccarini.

Capoeira painting by Henri Lamy filmed by Simon Dubreucq.

42 minutes d’interview sur TLV.

A projection for the Painters Project opening in Arles

Projection on a old facade in front of the Hegoa Gallery in Arles / France. 09 of July 2015.
Some details from artworks made by artists Kees ter Brugge, JeanLouis Boccar, Râ Superstar, Fernando Canovas, Etiyé Dimma Poulsen, David Bettega, Sabine Nielsen, Aldo Kodak, Benjamin Joseph, Annali Chi, Irma Kuyper, Luis Gallego, Violeta Galera, Kees ter Brugge&Patrice Aaftlink, Denis Meyers, Bernard Delsemme, Ellin Pollack, Pablo Garcia Albizuri, Ellin Pollack, Marie Sulac, Marilù Cattaneo, Marie Sulac, Andréa Bozzi, Gisela for my photographic Painters Project.

The Painters Project Documentary by Anna Pitscheider

This short documentary is directed by Anna Pitscheider.